Jul 9, 2016


Keep material possesion at minimum level and value yourself more.

One of it is keep your wardrobe simple.

My wardrobe is simple in term of formal clothes. 2 dresses for formal event. A dress for wedding dinner. So please expect to see me wearing same dress for similar occasions.

My colleagues are very observant of my wardrobe until it create unnecessary stress in the beginning. I think I should preach about minimalism concept to them. So they will stop asking why do you wear the dress again to the same occasion. Then I can stop answer their question with my sarcastic answer (I am waiting for you to buy me a new dress / because I am poor). 

I think I am a bad person. 

I cannot believe that peer pressure still exist when I am no longer adolescent...

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CWMartin said...

It never really goes away... just some people learn to ignore it.