Jul 3, 2016

Bullet Journal

Bullet journal is one of my new exploration.

The concept is to have a manual daily/weekly/monthly planning in a book, without wasting page.

Original idea: http://bulletjournal.com/

But I think the youtbe below have more practical idea which is more suitable for me:

What is the benefit if there is no action after read and watch so many ideas?

In the beginning, I thought I have to buy fancy notebook with dots or square box. I do not think I will able to start the project if I keep searching for such notebook. Based on my character, it will be such a waste to buy fancy notebook for the experiment. I need to start somewhere to know the method is suitable for me.

So I decided to use an old year planner - 2007 diary from an insurance firm. When I was do research about bullet jounal, therr are many who have to prepare monthly calendar from scratch. This takes some times if I have to prepare it for the rest of the year....... The diary comes with nice monthly calendar box. So I only need to renumber the box for each month.

Prepare my Index>

From the idea, I think I will like habit tracker. I always forgot that I need to do exercise. I need the tracker to remind me 5o put my sport shoes in my car. Then I will have no excuse to go for a walk before I go home from work.

Or to do 50 sit up before I sleep.

I am looking at the possibility to use this concept in my working life.

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