Apr 24, 2017


Everyone has their own priorities and advantages. It might seems like nothing to others but it is something to yourselves. Very often I critizes how other people lives their life, I had forgotten that someone else also critizing my life.

Everyone has their own time zone. I have my time zone as well. I prefer a layback and pampered life. Simple is the best. But it is just illusion and lazy nature.

Occasionally I feel sad when I feel that I do not has any achievement in life. It is everyone's life goal to be their own boss. Sometimes people think if you are working for someone else, you are a failure. I am that so called failure. To think about it, itis actually not too bad to be that kind of failure.

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CWMartin said...

It is no good to judge your life by someone else's standard. Your life and future is between you and God.