Mar 19, 2012

No job, no life

Have you watch 'Up in the Air'?

It is about a guy (sexy George Clooney) and his assistant who is much younger than him, travel around America to fire employee in behalf of the company. In the meanwhile, he is having fun collecting mileage points (I have an ex colleague who enjoy collecting mileage too). Most of those who were laid off are around the age of 40-60 years old. Imagine to lose the job at this age.

It is the JOB that hold the meaning of someone's life. Perhaps it is not the JOB. Perhaps it is the routine disruption that can cause deep depression. For all our life, we have routine for every phase of our life. When we were babies, your routine is to cry, drink, eat, and sleep. Then go to school everyday. Then work everyday. Then work and dating. Then work, family, and sleep. And work for most part of our life. Work is the routine for most of your life.

What if one day, when your alarm clock rang, you woke up and hit to shut the alarm. Lazy on your bed for 5 minutes more. Drag your butt up to wash your face, brush your teeth. Have your cereal alone. Grab car key and head to the door. Only then you realised... you are out of job.... You have no where to go. Suddenly you lost the objective of your daily living. Panic start to creep down from the tip of your hair. Ants crawling on your left side of your head. Brain is throbbing hard and 4 limbs go weak. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?!!!!

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