Nov 10, 2009

No coloured hair in office!!!

No coloured hair in office!!!

This is one of the office rules of one of the big big company in my hometown...
 So old school... or communist regime......

My friend who just worked in the company and she did not know the existence of the rule when she join the company. Her colleague who dyed her hair for pre-wedding photoshoot was warned by her supervisor and asked to dye it back to black!

Friend : I just know that we can not dye our hair. It is a regulation of the company.
Nana : No wonder my mother said that SY's female employees are old fashion and mostly spinsters.
Friend : Are you saying that I won't get married???!!
Nana : No! No! You are still young and beautiful.......*_*'''

Is there any human right? Do they think that their personnel have no sensible thoughts of having a decent hairstyle to work in a boring office environment?

Perhaps they are communist idealist. All having black hair.. All wearing same clothes... All not allowed to be exposed to the deceitful internet.... All wearing flat shoes....

Maybe safety is their main concern. Coloured hair is blinding eyes. Fashion show may encourage beauty competition among females which will end up having cat fight during work time. Internet is harmful to health as it may cause imbalance hormone. Flat are to avoid tripping over their own high heels.

Tips for interview :  Dye your hair black!
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kenwooi said...

i've never died my hair before..
and i like girls with natural hair colour =)

Ghosty Nana said...

Nowadays girl dye their hair to satisfy the lust of beauty, so ur preference won't influence the colour of their hair...