Mar 3, 2019

Love ourself in budget style

How to love yourslef in budget style?

1. Self grooming 🌸 Looking clean and neat.
🌼 Basic skincare routine - makeup remover, facial cleanser, toner, serum, mosturiser, sunblock
🌼 Basic makeup - foundation, lipstick, blusher
🌼 Healthy diet - learn how to cook, do not buy instant noodle, junk food and canned food
🌼 Find friend to go exercise together
🌼 Dress accordingly and have fun occasionally.
🌼 Sit straight, stand straight

2. Healthy social life
🌼 Hang out with friends
🌼 Find new friends

3. Healthy mind
🌼 Open to new ideas
🌼 Read, listen, analyse, give ideas
🌼 Have own life principles and constantly improve our life principle
🌼 Be confident

Will we get healthy body image at the end?

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