Sep 21, 2019

Fat Journey

😲 Fatty tummy is all coming back to me now 😱
Let me write down so I will remember to do these items:

After early morning shower

1. Drink warm water - half thermos
2. To eat:
  • 3 capsules Shaklee Lecithin to break my breakfast fat,
  • 2 tablets Shaklee Vitamin C for good health & fairer skin
  • 3 capsules Omegaguard for good body metabolism.
3. Do O face yoga exercise when stop at traffic light.


Only eat one of the foods below, no coffee:
Mihun / kueh tiao.
Drink Shaklee protein shake.
Boiled eggs.


Eat half rice. Remember to tell the boss to give less rice when order.
Eat 2 tablets of Vitamin C after lunch. Remember to bring Vitamin C to office.
Do not eat bread or desert.
Do O face yoga after lunch.

Home after work

No supper.
Eat half rice.
Do face yoga exercise.
Eat 2 tablets of Vit C. Alfalfa...
Face yoga exercise:

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