Sep 21, 2019

Fat Journey

😲 Fatty tummy is all coming back to me now 😱
Let me write down so I will remember to do these items:

After early morning shower

1. Drink warm water - half thermos
2. To eat:
  • 3 capsules Shaklee Lecithin to break my breakfast fat,
  • 2 tablets Shaklee Vitamin C for good health & fairer skin
  • 3 capsules Omegaguard for good body metabolism.
3. Do O face yoga exercise when stop at traffic light.


Only eat one of the foods below, no coffee:
Mihun / kueh tiao.
Drink Shaklee protein shake.
Boiled eggs.


Eat half rice. Remember to tell the boss to give less rice when order.
Eat 2 tablets of Vitamin C after lunch. Remember to bring Vitamin C to office.
Do not eat bread or desert.
Do O face yoga after lunch.

Home after work

No supper.
Eat half rice.
Do face yoga exercise.
Eat 2 tablets of Vit C. Alfalfa...
Face yoga exercise:

Mar 3, 2019

Love ourself in budget style

How to love yourslef in budget style?

1. Self grooming 🌸 Looking clean and neat.
🌼 Basic skincare routine - makeup remover, facial cleanser, toner, serum, mosturiser, sunblock
🌼 Basic makeup - foundation, lipstick, blusher
🌼 Healthy diet - learn how to cook, do not buy instant noodle, junk food and canned food
🌼 Find friend to go exercise together
🌼 Dress accordingly and have fun occasionally.
🌼 Sit straight, stand straight

2. Healthy social life
🌼 Hang out with friends
🌼 Find new friends

3. Healthy mind
🌼 Open to new ideas
🌼 Read, listen, analyse, give ideas
🌼 Have own life principles and constantly improve our life principle
🌼 Be confident

Will we get healthy body image at the end?

I Love Me

🌿 Borned
🌸 School - primary school, high school, university, society high school
🌼 Working
👰 Get married
🌹 Have children
💐 Family life

At each stage of life, do you love yourself? 👀

How do we know?

Signs when we stop loving ourself:
⛔ Annoyed when someone we love advise us
⛔ Ignoring their advice
⛔ Start to think our friends are pretty because they are rich
⛔ Having many excuses of why we are not as pretty as we used to be
⛔ When we no longer have our own life principles and opinions
⛔ When we do not have something to forward to in our daily life

Wake up now and start loving yourself! 💓

Jan 27, 2019


Tonight, I went to listen to one MLM multilevel marketing  sharing...

Originally, I was told that the sharinv is about the current economy.. I was not told it is MLM sharing.. 

Why is it so secretive? If it is a good product and attractive MLM system, it is attractive. 

2019 is actually MLM year.. Nowadays almost everyone is involved with MLM indirectly. MLM is no longer the scary MLM 😄. It is a side income and knowledge provider. MLM is not a doctor!

A good supplement can prevent illness and build healthy lifestyle because everyone wants to promote the product by showing the outcome of having the product. It is logic ❤️

MLM should stop being so called allmighty which can cure everything