Nov 14, 2010

Why I would like to visit Guilin?

CONTEST #3 This is a little harder, but the prize is better. Write a short post on your blog about why you would love to visit Guilin (if you have not visited before) OR why you love Guilin (if you have visited before) and link back to this post. The post which I like best will win! I will keep the prize a secret for the moment. This is for contest #3 panda's blog.

I would love to visit Guilin because I am curious Why is the Panda doing there? 
Is it because there are many bamboo shoot?
Is it because there are Guilin Gao there?
hmnn... are there any Guilin Gao there?

Another reason is so that I can write about Guilin for one year......

I am very fond of nature bu dislike hiking. Guilin would looks like a good place for sightseeing. Guilin is full of interesting nature features and terrain. Although there are mountain, I don't have to climb it to enjoy the mountain. It would be the best to be under the huge rock formation.

We know Elephant can signify many object. In Guilin, it is Elephant Trunk Hill. It would be cool to enjoy the trunk by camwhoring with the trunk, knock the trunk with my hand, tickle the trunk, or perhaps hug a part of the trunk.

Great places comes with interesting people. I am sure their lifestyle are different from Malaysian. Learning how to live in simplicity and how their compromising with the nature would be marvelous. Simplicity can be the best.

It is known that natives from Borneo are actually originated from China. Guilin can be the perfect place in this research, because Guilin seems protected from globalisation. Truly China.

As selfish as I am, I hope Guilin remain untouched by modernisation for year to come, so all its unique characteristic remain attached. Even if modernisation left Guilin alone, global warming would destroy Guilin by rising up of the water. Hence, let's love our nature by reducing burning of fuel, practise 3R (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce). 


[SK] said...

hahahaha!!! you so free taking Contest #3?? ok ok, hopefully you'll get the prize lah, i think competition is not heat, i didn't see any people writing a post on this.. all the best!! :p

Caroline said...

cool ! nature lover it seem!

Caroline said...

good luck okay! hope u can win great prize from Panda Foong! :)

Naomi said...

SK, bcos the gift is a secret. I wonder what can that be. And I can't beat you in spamming.

Caroline, yes I am, hehhehe Thanks.

Kelvin said...

Good luck ^^

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

HeLLo Ghosty,

Yeah, free wordpress does not allow users to put add. Unlike you, i feel that wordpress has better spam protection and easier to use. Anyway, I'm a paid user of wordpress. Hahaha! But blogpsot has a lot of features which wordpress doesn't. All the best in blogspot yeah?

I think i will pass the Guilin contest. I am more to photography type of contest. I am looking forward to know the winner. Hehehe.

foongpc said...

The results are out. Visit my blog now! : )