Jul 15, 2018

GE14 Malaysia

General Election 14 Malaysia was on 9 May 2018. It was memorable event for Malaysia when Malaysian successfully changed government. No more BN. No more. No more. No more...

It was very important for Malaysian to change government in GE14. In my personal opinion, it might be the last chance to change. Election was always known as dirty election - fake vote, extra ballot boxes, buying vote, blackout, jump ship politician..... the list goes on and on

Our 4th prime minister was standing as opponent in this election and many strong ex politician came out to support then opposition. Malaysian were threathen with possibility of recuring of 13 May 1969 sino Malay sectarian violence.

We voted and stay at home...

Sarawak was the fastest in calculating the votes. Almost all result were released by 8pm. In some states, some voting result changed after re-calculation.. hmnnnn... suspicious.... 11pm, result was not finalised yet. Then I went to sleep. 4am, I woke up and result released around 3am. Yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!

We changed government! 4th PM becomes 7th PM!!!!! Yeah holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarawak was sulking and refused to announce public holiday.

My company announced public holiday without Sarawak announcement. Then Sarawak announced holiday on the next week. My company cancelled the holiday and asked us to resume work after lunch.. and i was on my way to Mukah.... emergency leave lo...

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